Thembelihle Dube offers on-going psychological support to organizations. This can entail a partial or full bouquet of psychological services such as psychotherapy, tele-containment/assessment, supervision to supervisors/managers and monthly/quarterly on-site psycho-educational presentations. 

Psychotherapy: Confidential, 60 minute - individual, face-to-face psychotherapy/counselling sessions at my practice at the Millennium Business Park in Century City, Cape Town. The aim is to offer support to your employees so that stress does not hamper their performance and they can be able to be at their best at work.


Tele-containment: Should a staff member need support or containment they are able to send a text message/whatsapp/voicenote and request to be contacted for a brief telephonic or FaceTime containment/assessment conversation.


Supervision: This can be a service offered to supervisors/managers on a monthly or quarterly basis to offer them a space to talk about the experiences that they are having with the individuals they supervise. People who supervise/manage people often find themselves with a heavy responsibility and often no one to talk to about the challenges of working with people. Supervision offers an outlet where you as a supervisor/manager can be supported regarding the challenges and experiences you may be encountering in a warm, safe space. In receiving support this will enable you as supervisor/manager to remain adequately present and sufficiently empathic with the people you supervise/manage.


On-site psycho-education: This is an opportunity, once a month/quarter where all the staff members gather in the office and we discuss a particular topic i.e. managing stress in the workplace, dealing with difficult clients or understanding depression and anxiety in the workplace. The organisation can be offered the opportunity to choose a list of topics as well as suggest topics that they would like input on. The aim is to facilitate on-going wellness rather than a once-off, all or nothing intervention based approach.


These are the basic elements that can help your organisation create an environment where your team feels valued and supported. Thembelihle Dube values warmth, quality service and respect. It is these values that inform the manner in which psychological services are rendered thus, your team will be privy to quality, evidence based psychological services.

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