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Masakhane Club



Masakhane Club is a 6-week workshop for parents/caregivers of children who are receiving psychiatric treatment or exhibit disruptive behaviour. The workshop seeks to support parents/caregivers by helping them understand why children present with disruptive behaviour. Parenting in and of itself is no easy feat however living with a child with psychopathology can be even more challenging. Parents/caregivers may find themselves at a loss with regard to what to do with their children who may be behaving in seemingly strange ways. The workshop offers parents/caregivers practical skills that they can use on a day to day basis with their children. The workshop looks at self-reflection so as to highlight the link between parents' well being and their children's well being.


During the course of the workshop those parents/caregivers able to attend individual sessions are encouraged to do so. I offer these individual sessions in order to further support the parents/ caregivers especially in light of new information that they are receiving in the workshop.


The workshop is a closed group that means once members are allocated to the group, no new members can join the group once the group has had the first meeting. Should you require further information about the Masakhane Club or you are interested in taking part in the workshop please contact me on 079 230 9084.

HPCSA No. 0119849 | Practice No. 0860010525952

Century City - Therapsit - Thembelihle Dube
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