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TD | Journal 

Feelings do not confine themselves to the therapeutic hour but are ever present. What do you do when these strong emotions surface and you really don't want to talk to anyone about them, it's late at night, too early in the morning or you want to capture the experience so you're better able to share it with your therapist at your next consultation? Journaling can help. Note down what's happening as fully as possible and as you reflect on your experience this can go a long way in helping you process the experience.


The TD | Journal is meant for regular, on the go use and is not to be hidden away in some drawer. It's snug enough to fit in your bag and for you to use everywhere: in transit, at a meeting at a coffee shop while you wait for your friend to arrive or after your laps in the pool. Language is but one way of expressing yourself. The TD | Journal caters for different types of expression: writing, colouring in, doodling and there are reflections to help spur inspiration should you need it. When the thoughts/feelings/insights come be sure to have your TD | Journal ready to capture them. I'd you're looking to be inspired, the reflections in the TD | Journal can be just what you need. Sometimes a little colour can help shift the stuckness - get some colouring pencils, use your coloured pens or grab your highlighters!


The TD | Journal Mastery Edition (Mastery Edition in gold)


The TD | Journal Mastery Edition seeks to help you get clear on who you are and where you are going. The aim is to help you to keep your goals in sight and remain guided by your values. This journal stays in the drawer and comes out quarterly, when you meet your goals, on your birthday, at significant milestones in your life as well as at the beginning and end of each year. Plot your leave for the year and then schedule time to journal in the Matter Edition and reflect on earlier reflections. You can also take time to read through the TD | Journal and capture those reflections in the Mastery Edition. The TD | Journal is for capturing and processing of emotions as they come. The Mastery Edition helps to consolidate and integrate insights and reflections. The Mastery Edition requires ample reflection time and space, do not rush this engagement. Create time and honour yourself through this ongoing, regular and important practice. 


TD | Journal Cover & Lock

If you're worried about your TD | Journal being discovered and read, then the TD | Journal Cover that comes with a little lock is what you need. It will keep your TD | Journal away from unwanted prying eyes. The covers come in a variety of elegant African prints for you to choose from. 


To order the TD | Journal (R295), TD | Journal • Mastery Edition (R450) or the TD | Journal Cover and lock (R200)

please email or send a message to +27792309084.

HPCSA No. 0119849 | Practice No. 0860010525952

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